Оборудование для сбора нефти/нефтепродуктов с водной поверхности 
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 Oil Recovery Equipment

"ECOservice-NEFTEGAZ" offers wide range of oil recovery equipment to collect oil from water, earth as well as for transfer of bottom sediments contaminated with oil.

Range of equipment application:

  • operative recovery of contained oil at oil spill sites at rivers, lakes, port areas (oil terminals, oil fields, underwater oil pipes across the river etc.);
  • operative oil spill recovery from earth;
  • oil recovery from oil pits;
  • transfer of bottom sediments from core pools etc. 

Oil Containment Booms
Oil Recovery Equipment
Oil Skimmer "Sprut-1"
Oil Skimmer "Sprut-2"
Oil Skimmer "Sprut-3"
Oil Skimmer "Sprut-P"(weir type)
Weir Skimmer "Sprut-PR"
Oil Skimmer "Sprut-М1-100"
Oil Skimmer "Sprut-М1-60"
Portable Pump System for Oil Transfer
Peristaltic Pump System "PYTHON"
Vacuum Oil Skimmer
Mobile vacuum recovery system
Pump System For Oil Transfer
Tanks for Temporary Storage of Oil
"Forsazh" Industrial and Domestic Waste Insinerator Unit
Sorbent Recycling Material "Ecosorb" and Products Out of This Material
Special Boats
Auxiliary Equipment
Hydraulic Powerpacks
Pump Systems
Training Oil Spill Response Specialist
Tracked vehicles

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