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The Ecosorb absorbing material and other absorbing products are manufactured by the company ECOservice-NEFTEGAZ and used for containment and recovery of oil and petroleum spills.
Absorbing products Ecosorb are produced by a needle-punching method and are made of polypropylene fiber.
Absorbing capacity of Ecosorb is up to 18 kg/kg (depending on viscosity of gathered oil/petroleum products). If special-purpose squeezers (OMU-1, OMU-2) are applied, absorbing material Ecosorb and other products made of it may be reused up to 5 times.
To make storage and usage of absorbing product Ecosorb comfortable, company ECOservice-NEFTEGAZ designed a special accessory made of aluminum pipes.


"Ecosorb" Material and Special Device for its Storage
"Ecosorb" material and special device for its storage

Sorbent Blanket
Sorbent Blanket

Sorbent Oil Booms
Sorbent Oil Booms

Oil Spill Response Kit
Oil Spill Response Kit

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Oil Recovery Equipment
Tanks for Temporary Storage of Oil
"Forsazh" Industrial and Domestic Waste Insinerator Unit
Sorbent Recycling Material "Ecosorb" and Products Out of This Material
Absorbing material ECOSORB
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