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Company ECOservice-NEFTEGAZ offers its own unique development portable heating installation.
The installation set is good for heating skimmed oil in cold weather conditions and also for increasing fluidity of skimmed high-viscous oil. Moreover the portable heating installation is indispensable when independent heating system needed.
The heating installation independent work is provided by diesel engine. The circulation pump makes the inner liquid heating.
The installation is equipped with a special recovery appliance used for recovering of waste-gas heat that comes out of diesel engine exhaust pipe.
At its first stage the heating installation makes heating fluid circulate and heat the pump's inner circuit.
Being heated up to 80-90 heating fluid comes to the outer heat generating set closed circuit. The shape and the size of the outer heating coil may vary according to the goals.
Diesel engine exhaust pipe equipped with spark arrestor.
Depending on coil length and size required by customer the heating installations can be manufactured with power packs output from 10 till 90 kW.
Main particulars of heat-generating installation are given in Table below.

echnical specifications (110101)

Description Ratings

Total weight of heat-generating installation, (dry), kg


Overall dimensions, mm

1180 710 910

Hydraulic tank capacity, l


Maximum pressure of the inner fluid, Pa


Pumping power unit engine model and type

Diesel, Lombardini 25 LD 330-2

Pumping power unit engine output, W


Number of pumping power unit hydraulic pumps


Hand starter


Fuel tank capacity, l


Type of the inner fluid

Water or antifreezing agent

Type of hydraulic pump


Hydraulic pump capacity, l/min


Maximum temperature of the inner fluid in the outer heat generating set closed circuit

+ 80

Maximum time heating of the inner fluid in the outer heat generating set closed circuit till maximum temperature, min


Heat transmission power, kW


Acceptable environmental temperature during exploitation

not below -40


General View of pump-powerpack
General View of pump-powerpack

Oil Skimmer Sprut-2 with External Heating Unit
External Heating Unit

General View of pump-powerpack

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