Catalogue of Products

LLC "ECOservice-NEFTEGAS" is a specialized enterprise manufacturing environment protection equipment for oil spill response at industrial facilities.

Currently LLC "ECOservice-NEFTEGAS" manufactures the following equipment:

  1. Oil containment booms.
  2. Oil recovery equipment.
  3. Portable tanks for temporary storage of oil.
  4. Portable incinerators for combustion of industrial and domestic wastes of "Forsage" series.
  5. Recycling sorbent material "Ecosorb" and products made of this material.
  6. Specialized boats.
  7. Membranes of "PFP" type.
  8. Auxiliary equipment.

Catalog ENG.pdf

Oil Containment Booms
Oil Recovery Equipment
Tanks for Temporary Storage of Oil
"Forsazh" Industrial and Domestic Waste Insinerator Unit
Sorbent Recycling Material "Ecosorb" and Products Out of This Material
Special Boats
Auxiliary Equipment
Hydraulic Powerpacks
Pump Systems
Training Oil Spill Response Specialist
Tracked vehicles

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