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The main activity ofECOservice-NEFTEGAZ Ltd. is production of oil spill response equipment.
The company manufactured the first product in November 1999. Presently we can commercially produce more than 40 various types of products. For the passed period of its activityECOservice-NEFTEGAZ Ltd. produced as follows: more than 450 km of various oil containment booms; more than 300 sets ofoil skimmers; more than 3200 pcs. of quick installed portable tanks for temporary storage of oil; more than 700 sets ofincinerators for combustion of oiled wastes; more than 160 tons of the absorbing material "Ecosorb" and absorbing products made of that material and many other products for protection of the environment.
Today ECOservice-NEFTEGAZ Ltd. is a production base, equipped with contemporary technological equipment and a team of workers capable to perform at high professional level any serious job.
The main market for delivery of products made by ECOservice-NEFTEGAZ, of course, Russia. But we also delivered our products to CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Belorussia), in 2005 we delivered our products to Venezuela and in 2010-2011 to China. The main customers of ECOservice-NEFTEGAZ Ltd.are enterprises of oil and gas industry, as well as enterprises of river and railway transport, municipal economy. The total number of our customers exceeded 700.
ECOservice-NEFTEGAZ Ltd. permanently extends the list of its main products and of theauxiliary equipmentfor oil spill response. In many instances the customers themselves promote this process by posing before us new tasks in the field of industrial ecology and ECOservice-NEFTEGAZ Ltd. always finds technical solutions of those tasks. For example, the serial production of portableheat-generating installation, designed for increasing efficiency of oil recovery at water bodies in winter period.ECOservice-NEFTEGAZ Ltd.also prepared for serial production a multipurpose transportation airboat, capable not only deliver on site equipment and personnel, but also deploy this equipment. Airboat can move over water surface, over waterlogged grounds and over snow and ice.
One of the basic priorities of ECOservice-NEFTEGAZ high quality production. The proof of our successful solution of this task is the fact that our permanent customers are the leaders of oil and gas industry like JSC "Transneft", JSC "LUKOIL", JSC "TNK-BP" and others.
The products ofECOservice-NEFTEGAZ Ltd.were several times awarded with diplomas of various exhibitions. And our products likeoil containment booms of "Barrier" series, oil skimmers of "Sprut" series, incinerators forwastes "Forsage"have proven to be the best domestically made equipment for oil spill response. Reliability and efficiency of this equipment was many times proven at oil spill response situations at various facilities.
All manufactured products are supplied with necessary documents, permitting operation of the equipment on the territory of the Russian Federation.

In equipment design and production this Company follows the principal of reasonable combination of best Russian and foreign materials and components. This approach allows to manufacture a wide range of products having quality not lower than of foreign analogues. Herewith the manufacture costs of our products are much lower than of foreign prototypes
In 2004 on basis ofECOservice-NEFTEGAZ Ltd.there was established"OSR Center", in which specialists from industrial enterprises take training courses on programs of additional professional education (qualification upgrade) "Oil spill response operations at industrial facilities, at water areas of rivers and inland water bodies". Up to present time at"OSR Center"more than 700 specialists of industrial enterprises and organizations took their training courses.
ECOservice-NEFTEGAZ Ltd., being a reliable partner in protection of the environment, invites industrial enterprises to mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of ecologic safety.

Participation of ECOservice-NEFTEGAZ Ltd. in OTC Brasil 2011
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Oil Spill India (OSI) 2011 International Conference and Exhibition
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Participation ECOservice-NEFTEGAZ Ltd. in IOSC 2011
From 23th to 26th of May 2011 company ECOservice-NEFTEGAZ took part in the 21st International Oil Spill Conference and Exposition (IOSC 2011) which took place in Portland, Oregon, USA. ... more >>>
ECOservice-NEFTEGAZ Ltd. participation in CIPPE 2010
From 22 till 24 of March 2010 ECOservice-NEFTEGAZ Ltd. took part in The 10th International Chinese Exhibition of petrochemistry and oil industry equipment and technology (CIPPE 2010), carried out in Beijing. ... more >>>
"ECOservice-NEFTEGAZ" on The International Oil Spill Conference "IOSC 2008"

    From 4th to 8th May 2008 "ECOservice-NEFTEGAZ" was exhibiting its products on The International Oil Spill Conference "IOSC 2008". This international exhibition took place in the town of Savannah, Georgia, USA.

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